Structure of the Big Tent

The Big Tent Foundation

is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. As such, it can receive donations and undertake activities of a political nature, such as inviting future Prime Ministers in waiting to meet the Leadership Council members.

The Big Tent Festival Ltd

is a wholly owned VAT registered subsidiary responsible for organising the Big Tent Ideas Festival and is funded by commercial sponsorship, ticket sales and, if necessary, the Big Tent Foundation. In 2019 it is envisaged the Festival will cover its costs, but should it need additional support, this will come through the Foundation.

The Big Tent Trust

is a charitable trust which, when set up, will be able to receive tax deductible donations. As a charity, it will be limited as to the political nature of its activities; awarding bursaries for social enterprise is an example of a permissible activity. Gift Aid can be claimed on all eligible donations. Prior to becoming a charitable trust, it is possible to donate via the National Philanthropic Trust’s donor advised fund.