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The Big Tent Leaders' Summit and Ideas Festival 2021

Big Tent Foundation Leaders' Summit, Coventry City Centre, Friday 9th July 2pm - 6pm
Big Tent Ideas Festival, Coventry City Centre, Saturday 10th July, 9am - 6pm

The Leaders' Summit and Festival will explore how to ensure the City of Culture is a catalyst for lasting economic and cultural regeneration of the region and beyond.

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The Big Tent Foundation

The Big Tent is a charitable foundation dedicated to creating space for non-partisan conversations about big policy issues and to giving a voice to places and people left-behind, particularly focussed on regeneration.

We want to help people in areas that are in need of regeneration unlock their vision, encourage them to move beyond their day-to-day constraints and give voice to what can be done if enough belief, enthusiasm and co-ordination is brought to bear on local opportunities.

Big Tent Mission

A movement to catalyse convene and curate the new conversations needed by people and places left behind by partisan politics to unleash real, transformational and lasting renewal and regeneration.

The Big Tent Values

  • Non-Partisan: Big Tent is strictly non-partisan; united by a desire to see progress for the UK through the broad engagement of multiple actors.
  • Dynamic: Passionate, energetic, creative and optimistic; leading change in new and exciting ways
  • Participative: Open to new ideas and encouraging of new voices and wide engagement; striving to provide a platform for all civilised viewpoints, a home for excluded views, diverse identities and 50:50 gender representation.
  • Collaborative: Convening and connecting original thinkers and innovators, seeking to catalyse progressive partnerships.
  • Pioneering: Harnessing the restless spirit of innovation and enterprise, challenging establishment politics, and democratising the process of policy making.

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