Big Tent Ideas Festival 2020

We are very excited to announce we’re bringing the festival spirit to you at home, with Big Tent Digital! Join us to share ideas, challenge each other and discuss a wide range of topics with leading global experts.

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The Big Tent Values

  • Non-Partisan: Big Tent is strictly non-partisan; united by a desire to see progress for the UK through the broad engagement of multiple actors.
  • Dynamic: Passionate, energetic, creative and optimistic; leading change in new and exciting ways
  • Participative: Open to new ideas and encouraging of new voices and wide engagement; striving to provide a platform for all civilised viewpoints, a home for excluded views, diverse identities and 50:50 gender representation.
  • Collaborative: Convening and connecting original thinkers and innovators, seeking to catalyse progressive partnerships.
  • Pioneering: Harnessing the restless spirit of innovation and enterprise, challenging establishment politics, and democratising the process of policy making.

Become A Festival Hero

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us create the Big Tent Ideas Festival. Over the next year we are planning to run multiple festivals across the country, and we need you to get involved, whether that’s helping to create the festival with our team, or joining us on the day.

Become a Festival Hero
July 3, 2020

The supermodel and the superbugs

Dr Charlie Easmon MBBS MRCP MSc Public Health DTM&H DOccMed is medical director of Your Excellent Heath Service and is a specialist in public health. COVID-19 has killed more than…
June 30, 2020

A Home for All: “We’re at a crossroads” says homeless charity Crisis

Without the right initiatives put in place, a large number of the homeless people currently benefiting from Government-funded temporary accommodation across the UK risk ending up without a place to…
June 30, 2020

People power: More community involvement needed in social services says Local Trust

Local communities across Britain need to be given a bigger say in the re-shaping of public policy as the country recovers from the COVID pandemic. This was the consensus expressed…