Who’s got the Best Ideas in Britain?

Submit your idea for a Big Tent Digital event and you could be offered an opportunity to be a Guest  Programme Curator, working alongside the Big Tent Programme Director. Your idea will become a Big Tent Digital event during 2020.

First you and your team, if it’s a group idea, must join Big Tent as a Student/Educator Friend or Big Tent Friend, if you have not already signed up. Becoming a Student/Educator Friend is FREE and there are many benefits.

Your event can be on any topic you think is important and the Big Tent should cover, especially as Britain re-emerges from Covid-19. We are looking for ideas that encourage and facilitate conversations to bridge the political divide.

Ask yourself ‘What matters? What do we all need to know? What is out there that Westminster politics has ignored?” See if you can think of an idea for a topic that encourages people to:

– Learn things they didn’t know
– Challenge their own assumptions
– Find common ground and empathy for those they wouldn’t normally agree with.

You can submit a written idea or enter digitally by providing a link to YouTube, Vimeo or Zoom or uploading a file in Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc, so no need to do any extra work, if your idea has already been conceived for another project.

Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your idea and note that the closing date for ideas is 04/09/20 and following that we’ll be asking the Big Tent community (including your friends and networks) to tell us which ideas they want to prioritise.

You can find examples of Big Tent Digital events here.

Any questions? Please email georgie@bigtent.org.uk