Radix partnering with Big Tent Ideas Festival 2021 in Coventry


Radix UK is delighted to be partnering with Big Tent on the delivery of this year’s festival programme.  The increasingly partisan and siloed nature of political debate in UK – not caused by Brexit but cast into stark relief by it – is making our society more divided and confrontational.

Radix believes in the power of civil disagreement.  We learn by testing our ideas against alternative viewpoints and positions, and yet, increasingly, the world is organising itself into distinct tribes with fewer and fewer meeting points.  This is particularly true of the online environment which we have all been forced to inhabit for much of the past year.

With this in mind, the opportunity physically to meet not only with friends and colleagues but with political opponents and those from very different backgrounds than our own is invaluable.

Radix is not a traditional, London-based think tank, operating out of plush Westminster offices and living in a political bubble.  Instead, we are run from York, with fellows and Board members based in the North East, Manchester, Wales, the West Country, even the Netherlands.  We want to ensure that these different perspectives are brought to bear on political debate, particularly as we explore what is really meant by ‘left behind areas’ and ‘levelling up’ and plan a way to renew our country.

Radix wants to challenge conventional thinking and introduce innovative ideas into the debate.   That is why we are so delighted to be supporting Big Tent and why we look forward to capturing the very best ideas that come out of today’s discussions in our New Ideas Report, to be published later this year.

We may not always agree with each other, but at least Big Tent enables us to listen to one another with respect.  Thank you for helping us civilly to disagree.

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