Our objectives

To create a space for non-partisan conversations about big policy issues and to giving a voice to places and people left-behind, particularly focussed on regeneration.


We want to help people in areas that are in need of regeneration unlock their vision, encourage them to move beyond their day-to-day constraints and give voice to what can be done if enough belief, enthusiasm and co-ordination is brought to bear on local opportunities.


Creating a space for the fresh, non-partisan but challenging conversations about the serious issues of our day.


Insisting on giving a platform and voice to the people and places left behind.


Exploring ways to better spread political engagement and influence beyond mainstream party politics.


Exploring and showcasing new ways to tackle old public policy challenges harnessing technology and innovative approaches used in other sectors.


Celebrating the importance of a culture of impatient creativity and imagination which we insist are shared across the Arts Science and Enterprise.

New Generation Leadership

Supporting the new generation of leaders across our society who are delivering effective change beyond traditional party politics.