The invitation only Foundation Leadership Summit will be held on October 25th 2019; the aim of the Leadership Summit is to bring together over 100 leaders for a day Summit to explore the causes and some potential policy solutions to the crisis we are currently experiencing in this extraordinarily turbulent political period.

It is clear that here in the UK, and across the West, we are witnessing some sort of breakdown in democracy, with a backlash against a political and economic order struggling to retain the legitimacy to govern with consent. Driven by a complex array of factors in each country, it is clear that at its heart is a deepening disillusionment with old models of Government. This includes our now deeply tribal Party politics; the economic combination of a post-Crash bank bailout in London and disproportionate impact of austerity on local communities; and a deepening concern about the impact of globalisation and technology in accelerating a marginalisation of people and communities over their own destiny.

Following two very successful ‘Meet the Leaders’ evenings with The Right Hon. Michael Gove, MP the Foundation is organising more similar events for Patrons in the Autumn.


Please email for further information.