Key Information

Radix Big Tent’s London Leaders Summit (invitation only) is on Thursday 18th November 2021 from 2pm to 7.30pm.

Regeneration, renewal, levelling-up – the buzzwords of the moment. Post-Covid – with growing inequality between regions and households, with government finances in need of repair and with the challenge of the climate emergency post-COP – ‘how do we move from slogans to effective regeneration?’

This is the question we are addressing at this month’s Radix Big Tent invitation-only Leaders Summit. The event is kindly sponsored by TPXimpact.

Most political conferences consist of keynote speeches, a couple of PowerPoints and waiting for the coffee break to talk to someone useful. The RADIX/Big Tent Leaders’ Summit 2021 Is different. We are about the power of convening, of conversation and of civil disagreement. Novel approaches emerge from the energy generated by conflicting ideas.


There will be contributions from leading politicians and practitioners including George Freeman MP, Danny Kruger MP, Stephen Kinnock MP, Steve Reed MP, Baroness Pinnock, Chloe Smith MP and Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, please come ready to talk, engage and contribute throughout.

The core of the event will be two 50-minute breakout sessions (with a coffee break in between) proposed and chosen by the participants themselves using an online vote system (Slido) during the event itself.  The discussions in the selected sessions will be led by whichever participant proposed the topic.  You can find a more detailed explanation here.


Nearest Tube Stations: Westminster and St James’s Park. Alternatively, Green Park Station is a 10-15 minute walk across Green Park & St James’s Park. You can find detailed directions here.


The building is on several floors and has a lift. Please contact if you have any questions about accessibility for the Summit.


We do not require participants to wear a mask or show an NHS Covid pass to attend the Summit, but please show consideration for fellow participants by observing social distancing as the space allows and respecting others’ requests with regard to shaking hands etc.

If you are not double vaccinated nor have acquired natural immunity having previously tested positive for Covid, please take a Covid test before attending the Summit.

Please do not attend the Summit if you feel unwell, have any of the symptoms of Covid or have been in close contact with anyone with Covid recently or displaying Covid-like symptoms.

Please carry hand sanitiser and use it regularly.

By observing these simple guidelines you are helping to keep us all safe.