Be Part of an Inspiring Community and Mission

Become a Patron

What is the role of Big Tent Patrons?

- Financial commitment - £2.5k, £5k, £7.5k, £10k, £20k depending on desired level of impact/engagement.
- A three year commitment is preferred, so Big Tent can plan with certainty
- Engage with and support Big Tent on local regeneration projects (optional)
- Acknowledgement in materials - website, festival programmes (optional)
- Provide quote for use in published materials (optional)
- Advocate for the foundation and encourage other patrons to join (optional)

Be Part of an Inspiring Community and Mission

What are Patrons offered?

- Invitations to exclusive Big Tent events - with opportunities to meet politicians and leaders from all industries
- Leaders’ Summits and live ‘Meet the Leaders’ evenings
- Daily Media Briefing - invaluable synopsis of op-eds from leading commentators
- Priority access to festival, event and round table outputs

Be Part of an Inspiring Community and Mission

The Personal Touch

Patrons will receive personal invitations to meet politicians and change leaders at small events
With increased investment, patrons could be offered:
- An opportunity to host small group events, such as a Meet the Leaders evening
- Dinners

To find our more, contact Georgie Pike: