The Big Tent Community Hub

The Big Tent Community Hub is the place for Big Tent Friends, Student Friends, Patrons and supporters to come together in pursuit of new ideas, innovative solutions and constructive conversations. It is a space to share your thoughts and ideas with other like-minded people who are dedicated to reinvigorating grass-roots politics.

Through the Big Tent Community Hub you can:

– Continue conversations after attending events
– Watch snippets from Big Tent digital events
– Share your innovative ideas and solutions
– Pose questions for other Big Tent followers
– Read Big Tent blog posts

Video guide to joining the Community Hub

Guide to joining the Community Hub

What is the Community Hub?

The hub is your place to discuss and pursue innovative solutions to many challenges experienced across the UK today.

Our Big Tent Friends and Student Friends will be able access exclusive benefits via the hub, including invitations to exclusive events, digital event replays of Big Tent discussions with leading experts and politicians on an array of topics, media briefings, opportunities to work with the Big Tent programme team to curate events, and much more.

Both our Friends and Members of the wider Big Tent community will have the opportunity to view upcoming scheduled events on the hub, share ideas and pursue constructive solutions on a global, national and community level with each other and leaders from the worlds of politics, business, creative arts, technology and more.

We can’t wait to meet you!