As a young American woman working in London, the Big Tent Ideas Festival has been my window into British politics. I started working with the Big Tent team three weeks ago as an intern, and am really enjoying learning so much about the operational side of the Festival.

We have a lovely team here working on all aspects of the Festival. I really like that the small scale of the operation allows me to gain exposure to the many different parts of the event: social media, programme organization, logistics, and marketing, among others.

I’m very excited for August 31st where we will see all our hard work pay off. There are so many exciting speakers in the pipeline and it will be really interesting to hear them speak and debate directly with their audiences. In particular, I’m excited to participate in the debates in the Global Tent. As an American who studies Economics and International Trade, I am curious about Britain’s international position and role in the world post-Brexit. The Big Tent will be an amazing insight for me into the way that British politicians, entrepreneurs, and the public envisage their international position, including their relationship with the US, going forward.

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