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Tuesday 7th July

The Lost Generation

Covid-19 and the education gap

The pandemic has meant that thousands of children will have gone six months without going to school. What is the impact of the prolonged schools closure on children’s education and life chances? What do we need to do to help the children from this “lost year” recover and catch up? What have the challenges been of supporting students virtually, and managing the transition back to school? Join us as we go IN depth to talk to leaders from primary, secondary and further education about their experiences managing this period, and discuss the long term impact of this unprecedented period on young people’s lives.

Chantal Bowman-Boyles (Chair)

Managing Partner, Europe, FINN Partners

Baroness Sally Morgan

Master of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Matt Hood

Principal of Oak National Academy

Tilly Browne

Reach Academy Feltham

Thursday 16th July 5.30pm

Mental Health and Isolation

The role of community in protecting mental health

Join us as we discuss Britain’s mental health epidemic and how this has been exacerbated during the lockdown. We will be taking a deep dive into the work that the pioneering youth campaigning group, We Will, have done to support the mental health of residents across Maryport, Cumbria, before discussing how community-based solutions could combat Britain’s mental health crisis nationally.

This event is the second event in our series: Unleashing the Power of our Communities, exploring the case for a new social settlement. Over the course of 6 events, Local Trust and the Big Tent Ideas Festival are exploring the case for a new social settlement to help rebuild our society, re-calibrating the role of the community to solve some of the most pressing problems that we face. Each session will focus on practical solutions to strengthen our social fabric and support communities to prosper.

WeWill representative

Other speakers to be announced