The Big Tent Foundation

The Big Tent is a charitable foundation dedicated to creating space for non-partisan conversations about big policy issues and to giving a voice to places and people left-behind, particularly focussed on regeneration.

We want to help people in areas that are in need of regeneration unlock their vision, encourage them to move beyond their day-to-day constraints and give voice to what can be done if enough belief, enthusiasm and co-ordination is brought to bear on local opportunities.

Our Mission

A movement to catalyse convene & curate the new conversations needed by people and places left behind by partisan politics to unleash real, transformational and lasting renewal and regeneration.
Crucially - the Big Tent is about Making a Difference. We were set up by a group of entrepreneurial Founders who share a deep belief in making an positive impact through a more direct approach to positive action.

We are not a Westminster Think Tank.
We are not aligned as the outreach wing to a political party.
We are not just a political “Talking Shop”.
Or just a summer Festival.

At its core the Big Tent project is about making a difference by actively supporting the new conversations, approaches and leaders required to refresh our political discourse.


Big Tent Foundation is a company limited by guarantee which is in the process of registering as a charity. Big Tent Ideas Festival Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Big Tent Foundation and is a company limited by shares. Big Tent Ideas Festival Ltd. is responsible for organising and operating the various events which the Big Tent Foundation commissions. The Big Tent Foundation remains responsible for the programs and content of all events.

Big Tent Foundation Trustees
A Little Of Our Story


Founded in 2017, The Big Tent is a movement to tackle the deepening disillusionment with the increasingly shrill, populist, partisan politics of the Westminster bubble by:


Creating a space for the fresh, non-partisan but challenging conversations about the serious issues of our day


Insisting on giving a platform and voice to the people and places left behind


Exploring ways to better spread political engagement and influence beyond mainstream party politics


Showcasing and supporting active community citizenship


Exploring and showcasing new ways to tackle old public policy challenges harnessing technology and innovative approaches used in other sectors


Celebrating the importance of a culture of impatient creativity and imagination which we insist are shared across the Arts Science and Enterprise

New Generation Leadership:

Supporting the new generation of leaders across our society who are delivering effective change beyond traditional party politics.